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    If you’re looking for the same sort of standard teaching you can get from other leaders in the industry, you’re in the wrong place!  There are a ton of great teachers out there that teach a lot of great material, and a lot of it has been covered so well by so many that it is nearly expected that you know it.  If you’re in an industry where everyone knows Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Napoleon Hill, or Robert Kiyosaki, you should probably be at least passingly familiar with them.

    If you’re ready to step to the upper edge of the bell curve, then you’re in the right place.  Dr. Scot Conway teaches subjects not often taught, and where there is some overlap, you can always bet that Conway’s material will be cutting edge.  His unique mix of experience, training, education, mastery, endless reading, endlessly learning from other masters in a variety of fields puts Conway in a very unique niche: Those for whom simply being distinguished form the pack isn’t enough - they want to be distinguished from the distinguished.

    Be a member of the Pack?  Yeah, right.  That wasn’t even an option when you were a kid in school.  Leading the Pack was barely a beginning.  Sure, anyone can do that.  It’s stepping out to lead the leader that lead the pack that interests you - and you’re here to increase your already considerable tool box to do just that.  Here you’ll get tools of excellence in many aspects of life that others do not have and cannot learn from anyone but Dr. Scot Conway.


There are those who want to lead the Pack. 

Then there are those who want to Lead the Leaders who are Leading the Pack.

If that’s you...

You’re in the Right Place.

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